Current and Upcoming Events

6th Anniversary Celebration of our "Family House"

After much deliberation, we've decided to not put on our 6th anniversary luncheon to celebrate our family house. Please donate and help us continue doing our work.

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Let's Talk About It: Homelessness and Crime Part 2: More information coming soon

Previous Events

Let's Talk About It: Homelessness and Crime: Part 1

On December 7th, Table of the Saints held a Let's Talk About It around Homelessness and Crime, part one of two part series.Important topics were discussed and enriched conversations were had. No recording will be posted for this session. 


Chili Fundraiser

On November 13th Table of the Saints hosted a Chili Fundraiser from 3-5 in the Welford Sanders Building. We enjoyed good conversation with individuals and had a great time fundraising for improvements on our houses! Thank you to those who showed up!

Let's Talk About It: Availability of Health Care Services for Previously Incarcerated Individuals

November 9th, 2021 Table of the Saints hosted a virtual presentation and discussion on the availability of healthcare services for formerly incarcerated individuals. Lavansa Jackson was our guest speaker and she led an interesting discussion on the importance of health care workers and wrap around support. To learn more watch the video!

Let's Talk About It: Eviction

 On October 12th, 2021, Table of the Saints hosted a virtual Let's Talk About It on the eviction crisis.

You can find a video recording of the meeting above along with various eviction resources in Milwaukee.


Discovering Disorders - FB.png

Let's Talk About It

Discovering Disorders 

On May 7th, 2021, Table of the Saints Inc. hosted a "Let's Talk About It" featuring the voices and stories of men living with various mental disorders. 

Due to the sensitive and vulnerable nature of the conversation, we will not be posting the recorded meeting. We encourage you to join our live sessions so you can be enlightened by our discussions firsthand!