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About Us

The faces and hearts of Table of the Saints

Dr. Sharon McMurray


With over 25 years of experience in non-profit management, Sharon brings extensive expertise to Table of the Saints. She has a PhD in Behavioral Sciences, allowing her to professionally counsel those who come through Table of the Saints. Sharon is involved in combating many social justice issues including jobs, education, and A.O.D.A. mental health and treatment programs. An entrepreneur, volunteer, community leader, and activist, she takes the plight of the poor, disabled, and disenfranchised to heart. Sharon attends East Brook Church of Milwaukee.


Executive Director/Housing Director

Who we are

Established in 2009,  Table of the Saints is a faith-based, grassroots organization focused on helping previously incarcerated men and women make a positive and permanent  reentry into their community and family life. 

 Table of the Saints provides social services for those seeking to successfully reenter society by providing restorative life skills through Christ-centered aftercare. In doing this, we actively combat the individual and community problems that contribute to the needless waste of human resources. We encourage previously incarcerated individuals to become actively aware of, and consciously cultivate, their greatest potential, so they are continually becoming productive community citizens.

At Table of the Saints we strive to help returning citizens with their reentry process. We aim to help them walk in obedience as people of God and upstanding citizens in our community. In doing this we endeavor to reduce the problems of recidivism in our community by bringing individuals closer together, cultivating relationships and understanding.

Our Goals

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